Kebab Sindbad

… our other weekend eatery.

Besides haunting that Asian restaurant we go to pretty much every weekend … we also like this Egyptian kebab place just south of Porto Palazzo a lot … it is good, cheap, friendly .. we see many other families with little kids coming in and tourist groups. The menu has a nice variety of stuff, but we mainly stick with the meaty kebabs and then some side dish .. this time around it was the baba ghanoush.

Julius especially likes the flat bread, which he likes to fill with meat, french fries and the occasional toy, until we tell him that we do not eat stuff that we just found along the way. (When we walk around he is very observant and picks up everything that is of interest for him .. and he goes by the rules, sticks them in his pocket .. and rinses them when we get back home .. )

We usually finish the meal with a teiera, a small can of sweetened mint tea.

Kebab Sindbad
Via Milano 10 – Torino
Tel.: 011-5216518
almost always open; on Fridays only in the evening

This was at least another 5 km walking for our little man .. and again, only a few minutes of riding papa’s shoulders .. and again .. no nap when we got home … in return he totally crashed around 8 PM in mama’s arms on the couch …

(Julius pics taken by Ritsu with her iPhone)
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