We are back ONLINE !!!!

I should have posted this last Friday … better late than never … I will gently push this post back to its proper date at a later time

The day had finally come that the Telecom guy showed up to re-connect us … before that Telecom had called AND send a reminder SMS .. and the tech guy even called that he might be a bit late due to traffic … so far so good ..

I was very lucky that Ellen was there, since the guy had a bunch of questions in Italian … turns out that FastWeb, our former ISP had done somewhat of a crap job, there was no reason that the DSL modem was installed in the bedroom (where the blinky lights were something of a distraction) and he shifted all this to the more central located living room.

A bit of an item was the modem … he had assumed I had one (on the phone I said that I had the old FastWeb modem, which they never bothered to come pick up again) .. but seems this was not good enough … and he kept pushing that I should have my own modem … so I was already thinking about getting a Taxi and quickly buy one … but it turns out he had one in his car, the Telecom brand modem made by Pirelli (and I thought they make tyres … ) and after a quick speed test it turns out that I now have about 3 times the speed as before … at nearly half the cost compared to Fastweb … yeah …

The only weird thing is that the wifi network directly from that modem comes with some issues … a) I cannot configure things like network name or password .. which kinda sucks b) I keep getting a nasty error message on all computers:

And neither he nor the almighty internet had an answer to that riddle … but the quick and nicer solution was to plug in my airport express station and setting up our old wifi network (called Julius) .. and since then .. we are flying!

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  1. Manuel says:

    Hey – its like Xmas and Easter at one day! Welcome back in the big World Wide Web. Good to see you now more often online again.
    Chat soon and take care in the meantime

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