Ma’in hot springs

After 48 hours in the desert, there is no better way to get all the sand off than hopping under a natural hot waterfall:

We had left the camp in Wadi Rum early, dropped of a fellow traveller at the bus station in Ma’an and then criss-crossed Jordan (we were so far east that we had road signs pointing to Iraq), drove west, then all the way along the Dead Sea, and half an hour before our next night stop we swung by the Ma’in hot springs.

Good things first: The main water fall is a lot of fun, the water balmy warm (even pleasant when it is already hot outside and the sun is grilling the skin off your bones) …

The not so good things: The whole complex is totally run down, the changing rooms are dirty, the other ‘attractions’, mainly the Roman bath looks like (as Ritsu put it) ‘a prison’ … it also seems to be way too hot … and it is quite a walk away … so .. main action at the big waterfall … the price at 10JD seems a bit steep .. it does include a free soft drink and a sandwich (laughable, but Julius ate lots of it)

Worst thing was some family deciding to use the main water fall as their personal shower .. standing on top / the source for all water, soaping up and rinsing off .. few minutes later we were all enjoying the soap / filth left over …

But we had the chance to soak in warm water, which was a bliss.

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