Al-Jerash and Ajlun Castle (video)

Today we ventured north to explore the remains of Gerasa, a Roman foothold in the Arabian world some 2000 years ago …

This place is vast and walking around for 3 hours in the scorching sun is not easy … but the ruins are very impressive and each pillar offers a tiny bit of shade.

Close to Jerash is the Ajlun castle which offers nice views (if there are ever any non hazy days in Jordan) and Julius had tons of fun checking out all corners and pathways.

There will be a gallery of pics later .. but I managed to break my SD card reader .. so .. right now I have only access to the pics on Ritsu’s cam

update Found another way to get files off my cam .. so enjoy the added video above and the gallery below:

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  1. David says:

    I enjoyed the pics of Jerash. I missed out when there 11/07 – spent three days in Ajlun and a few more in Amman.

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