Exploring the city

Today we embraced the sunny weather and thanks to the holiday weekend we stayed away from major attractions (as we had tried just yesterday and got caught in terrible traffic)

So we opted for a nice stroll to the city center.

Recently Julius has become obsessed with picking flowers (although I keep telling him that we should leave them, so that everyone can enjoy them) and when we found the first green patch, he was at it again.

At piazza castello he played with the fountains.

And then we walked along via garibaldi (which was pretty packed) and headed towards our favorite middle eastern eatery, which was totally packed .. but after a short wait we got our table and enjoyed our usual mezze and kebabs.

Afterwards we checked out the market stalls at porto pallazzo and Julius got a bit tired and needed a ride.

But overall he walked very well, threw no fits, but sternly refused to take a nap, which resulted in having a fairly cranky kid at the dinner table.

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