Hempstead House & Beach / Seafood Lunch

Long Island’s north shore (also known as the Gold Coast, because of the rich people living here) has many beautiful mansions, and one of them, the Hempstead House is located in the Sand Points Preserve, a wonderful park adjacent to the beach.

Julius had fun running around, filling a discarded plastic bottle with sand over and over again (who needs silly plastic toys when with a bit of imagination everything can be a fun toy), we found a dead horseshoe crab, chatted with a local fisherman, pointed out planes flying overhead and picked flowers for mama.

For lunch we drove to Bayville where I had earlier passed some nice looking waterfront eateries .. one looked very fancy and had an accordingly fancy / pricy menu outside (Shipwreck Tavern) while next door, a place called ‘Breakers‘ had no menu and looked more basic .. so .. we picked that one … They have a very nice seafood selection … I had oysters (has been a long time I had some) which Julius was not too interested in … but then we had ‘Rita’s Sampler’ = a 4oz lobster tail, 10 shrimp on skewer, a Maryland crab cake and fries. Kiddo focused on the fries and the crab cake .. but also ate some of the brocolli ..

The big surprise came with the check .. somehow everything was half price from what I had seen on the menu …Not sure if that was a lunch special, or if we looked so poor … or if it was a mistake … (judging from their website I now think it was lunch special) … Food was nice, the shrimp a bit on the dry side … but overall exactly what I wanted.

Later we explored the mansion we are staying in (Well .. we are not staying IN that mansion … this is all facade, the guest rooms are actually in newly built additions out in the back, but it still is all very pretty)

and Julius was especially attracted by the pool table in the attic.

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