Bye Bye Glen Cove Mansion

After 6 nights in this beautiful place it was time to move on.

Glen Cove is really nice and quiet, especially after those 3 hectic days in Manhattan. The mansion claims to be in movies like ‘North by Northwest’ and ‘Sabrina’ .. but besides mentioning of the same street name in Sabrina, I could not verify that.

Despite the gorgeous main building depicted above .. this is not where you’d be sleeping … The main mansion is now all conference rooms, dining area and a pub on the 3rd floor … sleeping happens in newly built extensions (1980?) which somehow remind me of my old school … at least that includes the indoor pool which had been so much fun.

A big plus is the free internet connection .. I cannot say much about the food as I did not eat there (on occasion Ritsu would smuggle us some leftovers, but she said that after 2 days she was kinda bored by the food)

Picture DSCF4888.jpgPicture DSCF4893.jpgPicture DSCF4894.jpgPicture DSCF4895.jpgPicture DSCF4896.jpgPicture DSCF4897.jpg

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