Wonderful Schwarzachtal

Today’s geocache inspired hike turned out to be one of the most fun hike days so far. Found parking thanks to GPS then 1.5 h mildly uphill along a nice creek, Julius only a few times in donkey mode.

When we reached the alm I found that the cache is along a different route, so while Julius enjoyed the playground I tracked back and went to hunt down the cache, which easily added 2.5 km to my hiking total (on top on the 5 km we all did together)

Back at the alm, since it was Sunday, there was live music and the manager tried himself as a stand up comic, which was quite entertaining. We ate Tiroler G’roesti and Kaiserschmarn, Julius kept playing and socializing with kids of all ages. Gladly the playground was very visible from our table, so we all could enjoy and relax.

Thanks to the nice weather and the very nice place, we stayed for 2.5h until we start our hike back down to the car. Playing catch kept Julius moving very well. As soon as we were in the car, Julius fell asleep and he and Ritsu took a nice nap back at our house while I was preparing dinner: Minute steaks with chanterelle mushrooms.

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