Sunday Lunch with Ogarit

One of Julius’ best friends at school is Ogarit and as posted earlier, I have been in touch with her parents for some time now to set up a play date.

The idea was to drive a bit more than an hour to some lunch place in the middle of nowhere. We avoided the highway and took more picturesque side streets to get to Pecco, which is close to Ivrea. While a mountain area, the restaurant that we went to specializes on seafood.

Julius was invited to drive with Ogarit and we quickly switched his car seat, and as we followed the car, we could see the 2 kids play, turn around, wave at us.

Pecco is really a small village in the hills and we got lucky with the weather, we checked out the nearby playground, collected chestnuts and then we could sit outside and enjoy some welcome cocktail while the kids were drawing.

For lunch we went inside (The restaurant “Attiko Cafè” does not look like much from the outside, but the dining room inside / upstairs is very nice) and we enjoyed a fish appetizer, pasta with shrimp and the 2 mixed seafood platters, one grilled, the other fried. All was very tasty, the only caveat being that the medium sized fish had a lot of bones, which made it tricky to eat, especially for the kids, but on this occasion I learnt that Julius is aware of fishbones and able to sort them out when he detects one in his mouth.

We had more food than we could eat, I think they cooked for 6 grown ups. For desert the kids had some ice cream and we tried some Arrancello (Like Limoncello, but made from oranges. This region is famous for its oranges and the town of Ivrea is having a festival every year which includes an orange throwing battle … terrible waste of vitamin C if you ask me, but sure fun to watch)

Overall a fantastic day and we are looking forward to do something similar again soon. Especially when good food is involved.

And here are the pictures

And I also have a bit of video footage, which is especially interesting as we do not get to hear Julius speaking Italian that much. But around his school pals he switches and it is fun to watch.

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