Tsukiji Fish Market

Today we met Utako again, last time has been 2 years ago.

Back then we did a double lunch at the food stalls of the Tsukiji fish market .. I don’t know it was because of the date AFTER new years or of the rain back then, but today it was crazy crowded. By 10:40 there were masses of people piled up to get into the lunch restaurants and the market spaces were just crazy (by now, they don’t even let tourists into the main auction halls anymore)

It is tricky to shot video and not getting run down by one of those funky transport vehicles I have never encountered anywhere else. Last time it was easy to notice them, by their loud diesel engine … but nowadays many of them run on electricity and all you hear are their wheels …

Afterwards we ventured a bit further, but still had to wait for a table for 40 minutes, but into return got some fantastic Sushi. Ritsu and I went for the quintuple sampler of tuna, plus some extra bits and pieces.

For some further shopping we moved on to Ginza, where we raided Bic Camera and Muji.

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