Hatsumode @ Kasumine Jinja ’09

Just like four years ago and while Julius was sleeping with o-bachan, Ritsu and I set off to re-visit the neighborhood shrine we had been to before (Kasumine, 35° 39.003′ N, 139° 34.983′ E).

We first got lost somehow (we had counted on eventually finding a stream of people walking to the shrine, but then we found only a couple who were on the way, but opposite direction, we had missed it!

This year it was much more crowded (no snow) but still very manageable.

We did the usual song and dance, Ritsu’s hair nearly caught fire, we got our fortune for next year told and ‘enjoyed’ this very sweet, hot sake and then we went back home.

Happy 2009 everyone!!!

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  1. TCocco says:

    Happy New Year, Peter, Ritsu and Julius. Thanks for including us in your life, again. No Fiji for us this year…economy is a bit scary. I\’d like to take the grandkids back but I\’m not hearing wonderful things about the new owners/managers….I\’ll wait and see. Keep blogging; we\’ll keep reading!

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