Sales day / Ramen / 3 o-bachans

January 2nd is the beginning of the crazy winter / new year sales season in Japan, so Ritsu and I went to Fuchu (instead the much more crowded center of Tokyo) and did some fantastic clothes shopping for Julius and Ritsu (I am too big for clothes shopping in Japan)

For lunch we found a tiny ramen place and I had the probably most spicy noodle dish in Japan. The so called ‘Hell Ramen’ comes in 3 different grades of hotness and the hotter, you pay 50Y extra, it was delicious.

In the meantime, Julius spent time with o-bachan, did some more hilarious arts&crafts and then went with his grandma to meet some of her friends (as Julius later told us, there were 3 other o-bachans)

He was very intrigued by his new clothing, especially his first black turtle-neck sweater (something that usually kids’ clothing designers shy away from, black for kids, but not so “Comme Ça”

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