Pirates of Lake Ashi & the black eggs of Hell Valley

A 20 minute bis ride from our hotel is the northern tip of Lake Ashi, one of the 3 ports where the sight seeing boats dock. And as luck had it, the minute we arrived, one of the pirate themed ships ws about to leave, and we managed to get on by running towards it (thus there is not video of this)

The ride across the lake is fun, but it was pretty cold. There are 2 more spots the boat stops and there is an option to get off and go explore. But since it was cold and we had other plans, we just took the whole cruise in one go to then hop on the cable car (they call it ‘ropeway’) and visit hell valley.

Hell Valley is the result of some volcanic activity and there are cracks through which burning magma steam puffs out of the crevices and they use some of the heated water pits to boil eggs, which turn black (I am not convinced yet that this is due to the sulfur in the water or if it is some cheap trick) .. and they are yummy, but are surprisingly similar to regular boiled eggs. But according to legend, you add 7 years to your life eating one of those. They cost 500Y for the 5 pack.

The area is very picturesque, smells like bad feet, has a small shrine with warm water and a nicely located geocache, which we found even though our GPS was not working,

For lunch we stopped at the medium priced eatery and I had some black noodles (black seems to be the theme .. another place had black curry)

We went back down just before the sun was about to hide behind the cloudy Mt. Fuji … overall a great trip … highly recommended.

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