Lunch at Hakone Yumoto / Chinese dinner

Ritsu and I left Julius with obachan and took a bus to Hakone Yumoto, since they have some nice shops and we read about a good sushi restaurant.

Along the main street are many souvenir stores, bakeries, a fish shop that let’s you grill free samples outside (was always crowded) and many pickle shops with free samples.

We found that the sushi restaurant had moved to Odawara and other sushi places were closed, so we found another nice looking eatery where Ritsu had a nice noodle dish while I ate tempura.

For dinner we used the free shuttle service of a nearby (but not walkable) Chinese restaurant and had some really nice food there as well (it was just not spicy enough, had to spice it up myself, but the waitress gladly supplied me with 3 different kinds of hot sauces)

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