Tsukiji double lunch punch – again!

Just like two years ago (and since it was too crowded a week ago) we did the double lunch thing at Tsukiji Fish Market with Utako again … and pretty much exactly the same way …

We checked out the very hyped places and found that they still would not accommodate groups with small children and that they had super long lines anyways.

So we looked around and found a nice place to have some uni-don (incidentally only 2 doors down from the place we had eaten at 2 years ago) and after that fine meal we walked around a bit, visited the Tsukiji shrine, where Julius became the most photographed kid of that hour, when he tried to ring the bell … and then we found our little tempura place again, in some back alley where no one would suspect this place …

Food was again very good, plenty and we were super stuffed when we left…

After that we split up, Ritsu and Utako had some kind of school reunion and I returned with Julius to obachan’s place. And when obachan returned around 3, I left for Shinjuku to meet up with my regular Tokyo pal Patrick, who we last had sukiyaki with 2 years ago.

He helped me tremendously with some tech shopping .. and while we were scouring the selection of kinky girls’ school uniforms at Don Quixote, he received a call from work that he had to come back in .. so our meeting was cut short, but at least we got to hang out a bit.

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