Semi last day

Ritsu had a brilliant idea …

The Tokyo airport is like 2.5 hours away from Tokyo .. thus, to get our 10:30 flight, we would have had to leave obachan’s place around 6 AM … and .. instead of doing that, Ritsu found us a very nice hotel within a 10 minute shuttle bus ride from the airport.

So, we took a taxi, and a train to get to Shinjuku and then we hopped on the Narita Express.

The train ride was fun, though the J-man was tired … but after spilling Ritsu’s drink and some sulking he found that hiding in the luggage area compensated for being excluded from having his own seat. (For having his own seat, he needs his own ticket)

The ride was smooth besides his antics and once we arrived at Terminal 2 and got our shuttle bus to the hotel we were very happy ..

The room is big enough, the staff is nice, the restaurants are hopelessly overpriced, but on our ride in we spotted a close-by ramen place and this is where we went for dinner.

I had a triple spiced noodle dish again and they had a mini minced pork don for Julius while Ritsu went for some more classic ramen with egg .. it was very delicious and good that we showed up before 6 PM … soon after we were seated we saw people waiting.

I later tried the hotel bar at the 11th floor (the sky lounge) and used our ‘2 drinks plus snack size appetizer for 1500Y’ to soak in the atmosphere. The view of the airport from a relative high floor was kinda nice and so was the service … and compared to the regular drink menu, this coupon was a great deal.

Now we are heading back to Europe .. and we hear that -12C and snow is awaiting us .. yeah!

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