24 h of traveling back – at least we got to see Opa again.

Our long travel day started fairly civilized at 7 AM, we had 1 h to get ready, check out, buy some breakfast and catch the bus to the airport.

Check-in was a breeze as I had received an online check-in email the night before and could do everything online.

Some last minute duty free and souvenir shopping and around 10 we boarded the plane, and older 747. To our shock, there were no individual entertainment screens, something that one would expect especially in a long day flight … and the ancient CRT top screens were in a position really hard to see for a midget like Julius.

But overall it went very well. Julius got some silly toys (they kind that like to drop on the floor, roll around, never to be seen again) but also a cool hat (not sure how that is a toy, but it is kinda cool and fits well into his collection of Lufthansa collectibles)

The food was so so .. J and R got a bit of sleepy time in and we arrived on time in Frankfurt at 14:15 … since our connecting flight was not until 21:35, we met up with my dad and took a train to the center of Frankfurt, where he had discovered that the Argentinean steak-house “Maredo” is open all day, perfect for a very late lunch. First we walked around a bit, to soak up some more sunlight and then we had very nice lunch.

We took the train back to the airport, made sure our luggage was checked through and headed for our gate, 2 h ahead of time, but it was quite and empty and Julius ran around like crazy (by then it was 4 AM Japanese time). But as soon as we sat in our seats, the little man was out, and waking him up once we had landed was a bit of a struggle, but eventually he complied and we made it, with all luggage accounted for, to the taxi stand.

Once at home, we did not bother to wake him up and just let him rest.

It was a loooong day, thanks to a freaky long layover, but all worked out and we were happy to be back.

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