It was time for the barber again …

There comes a time in every kid’s life when they think they can take care of their own hairstyle … and they have mastered scissors … but not the art of hair styling yet …

Seems he thought his bangs were too long … and this is what we got:

I tried to fix it as much as possible, but he ended up looking like a little girl … so, next day I took him to our barber (he remembers the place and know he can eat candy). He sat all by himself this time and overall behaved well. At some point he seemed to fall asleep, so I diverted him with little video clips on the iPhone (also a great tool to make him look in certain directions)

And, tadaaaa … we are pretty much back at his old style:

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  1. Rose says:

    The 1st hairdo looks very Japanese mod! :)

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