First dinner at our new home

We have finally moved!

The last 2 days have been extremely work intensive. We had started ever since we got back from Japan to pack first boxes and sort out things. Then 10 days ago when our friend Angel left our new apartment I had started to move tons of stuff already by car. But today we had some guys with a small delivery van help us out with all the big items and from 8:30 AM until 4 PM we all were under heavy rotation.

But now everything is here, I was able to make our first dinner and then Julius enjoyed very much that I managed to connect Angel’s sat receiver and obviously his account was not cancelled yet, so we enjoyed all kinds of stuff in English (i.e. Simpsons)

Of course, we usually don’t let him sit that close, but these are special days.

As for the apartment and why we moved:

1.) Space: We were outgrowing our old place, Julius did not have his own room (which now he has). Now we also have quite some balcony space, we can dine in the kitchen, so once the living room is set up it should be easier to keep it fairly clean.

2.) Features: Oh, and there is a dishwasher! and a 5 burner stove. And a bigger fridge. We have a spot in the garage which has one of these remote controlled gates. Neat.

3.) Location: We are now closer to Ritsu’s office and also within walking distance (ok, 15 – 20 minutes I reckon) from Julius soon-to-be-school. From here it is also easier to drive to the Langhe region and just on the way are some big shopping centers, which are also now much closer.

Now let’s see we sleep here the very first night … there is a suspicious looking place right across the street ‘Le Streghe’ … and from this article it seems that neighbors complained about noise back in october and when the police checked the place .. well .. I could only read things like ‘lap dance’ … 😀

But we are also very close to the river and have already seen a playground, which we shall check out soon.

And now the fun days of ‘what is in which box?’ shall begin!

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