Travel to Selçuk

After a good night’s sleep (well, Julius woke up at 6:30 Turin time, like clockwork) we had a heavenly Turkisch breakfast: cucumber, tomato and peppers, different cheeses, simit (‘Turkish pretzl’), egg, fried suçuk (garlic saussage), egg and jam.

We repacked our things and headed for Selçuk, which is close to the historical site of Ephesus. On the way we stopped by one of the many malls, without buying anything … So far I find the traffic, as chaotic as it is, more civilized than Turin. Also, there is hardly any dog poo to be found in the streets.

Instead of taking the highway, we took smaller country roads to Selçuk, which gave us more to look at … But the weather was murkey with light rain showers and Ritsu and Julius just slept through it all.

Early afternoon we arrived at our hotel and were welcomed with open arms (and slight sales pitches for carpets and ceramics, but not to pushy) … Then we started to explore ‘downtown’ Selçuk and encountered more carpet sale pushes, but not too annoying … Julius was mesmerized by the amount of stray cats (though less than in Izmir) and right across of the hotel and in the city center are several stork nests, with the birds, which I have not seen since early childhood.

After walking around and checking out the train station (could be something out of a 1920ies movie)

we sat down for a drink and later for some pide (another kind of Turkish pizza, which Julius helped to make!) since it was still some time until dinner and we had skipped lunch.

We crossed some ruins on the way back

and then waited on the beautiful rooftop terrace for dinner. This hotel offers like 20+ appetizers and then 7 main dishes .. The set menu is 17YTL (meat) or 20 YTL(fish) and had p.p. Soup, 3 of those 20+ appetizers, 1 main, 1 dessert and tea. I had lamb, Ritsu had Köfte and my dad had the fish, which looked yummy, but also like a lot of work. The food was great, too bad the weather was not good enough to sit outside, but at least we scored the only ‘normal’ table (though the plushy low seating area looks very nice too)

Julius insisted on sleeping with Großpapa, who, without any reservation, got a very nice price on a double room (for single occupancy)

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