Ephesus in the rain (now with more pictures)

Can vacation be any more fun than dragging a 4 year old through an ancient collection of ruins in the rain? And guess what .. he actually loved it (and so did we) ..

The site is very impressive and quite easy to explore IF you take advantage of the free shuttle service and you start at the top and get picked up at the bottom (if you take your own car you have to go back and forth)

It started with a bit of sun and 5 minutes later it poured, but we were prepared. The most impressive building for us was the library (we did not pay the extra 15 YTL to see some old residential houses which are under cover) and the theater was also nice to look at, but you get the most laughs when you visit the Roman toilets.

Meeting cats and dogs along the way helped with Julius’ attention span and at the end you find lots of shops offering ‘genuine fake watches’ … a new level of honesty.

Picture DSCF5877.jpgPicture DSCF5878.jpgPicture DSCF5879.jpgPicture DSCF5881.jpgPicture DSCF5882.jpgPicture DSCF5884.jpgPicture DSCF5885.jpgPicture DSCF5888.jpgPicture DSCF5889.jpgPicture DSCF5890.jpgPicture DSCF5891.jpgPicture DSCF5892.jpgPicture DSCF5893.jpgPicture DSCF5894.jpgPicture DSCF5896.jpgPicture DSCF5898.jpgPicture DSCF5903.jpgPicture DSCF5904.jpgPicture DSCF5906.jpgPicture DSCF5907.jpgPicture DSCF5908.jpgPicture DSCF5916.jpgPicture DSCF5920.jpgPicture DSCF5921.jpgPicture DSCF5926.jpgPicture DSCF5929.jpgPicture DSCF5931.jpgPicture IMG_0249.jpgPicture IMG_0251.jpgPicture IMG_0252.jpg

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