Sheep, Pamukkale Park, 6 vs 1

Today was a bit of a weird day .. we had started heading towards Aphrodisia (another ruin site) when I got a work related call and urgently had to get back online .. so Julius and Ritsu explored the park just below the Pamukkale travertines.

Later on we were asked to change to a smaller room, because they had given us a room one size bigger (without telling us) and they now needed it back … I negotiated a free dinner out of that for our inconvenience.

We took a nice stroll just before dinner because we heard a cow nearby .. which we did not find, but we found sheep.

Dinner was fun … there were 2 American families next to us with a total of 6 little girls around Julius’ age … he had a hard time taking his pick.

He ended up showing his drawings to the dads, instead of approaching the girls directly … this boy has manners :)

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