Aphrodisias (yeah, more ancient rocks)

We finally made it to Aphrodisias and had fantastic weather. Julius was not overly peachy but kept trodding along, looking for butterflies, cats and we even found a frog. That there is the probably best preserved and biggest stadium from ancient times did not impress him much.

This site is very well developed and very nice to explore, though quite some walking is involved. (I did not see any kid of Julius’ age among other groups) … They put some of the old columns back together and at least one of them looked like it could tumble again any second.

Check the pics and guess which one.

Picture DSCF6152.jpgPicture DSCF6154.jpgPicture DSCF6156.jpgPicture DSCF6159.jpgPicture DSCF6161.jpgPicture DSCF6164.jpgPicture DSCF6167.jpgPicture DSCF6169.jpgPicture DSCF6175.jpgPicture DSCF6178.jpgPicture DSCF6179.jpgPicture DSCF6181.jpgPicture DSCF6182.jpgPicture DSCF6183.jpgPicture DSCF6184.jpgPicture DSCF6188.jpgPicture DSCF6189.jpgPicture DSCF6190.jpgPicture DSCF6191.jpgPicture DSCF6193.jpgPicture DSCF6195.jpgPicture DSCF6197.jpgPicture DSCF6199.jpgPicture DSCF6203.jpgPicture DSCF6206.jpgPicture DSCF6208.jpgPicture DSCF6209.jpg

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