Airport Love

On our way back to Turin, at the Izmir Airport, Julius fell in love with this very cute Turkish-German girl, who he quickly called his ‘girlfriend’ (but he never even asked for her name)

They met each other at check in, Julius had his eyes on her, shared candy with her … and was very delighted to see her again after (the second) security check at our gate … which could only mean one thing … we are on the same flight!

He was upset that he could not sit next to her all the time, but in between it looked like a Lufthansa kindergarten .. they were occupying the aisle, sitting here and there …

The most dramatic moment was when after the ‘welcome to the EU’ checkpoint the kids had to say goodbye for real .. J was frantically waving through the glass while Merve (?) and her mom had to catch a flight to Hamburg .. and we got very lucky and caught our plane just before they started with the last boarding calls ..

Overall the trip was very easy going .. and that makes us wonder if we shouldn’t have more “Turkey” on the menu in the future.

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