Did you know your electricity provider can do that?

At least ours can. They can reduce your capacity so that you can still use low Watt items, like lights, computers, the TV. But once you try to turn on the oven, the blow dryer, the toaster or the laundry machine … it goes foomp! and you sit in the dark.

It took me a while and the help of an electrician to figure out that nothing was broken, but what happened instead was that our electricity provider was missing a minor detail in our address, so that we did not receive any bills until last week. When I paid it was already 1 day past due date and thus the friendly people at Enel started punishing us.

What I don’t understand is that they know exactly where to deliver the power and which switch box to target for punishment … but they can’t deliver the invoice to the right address.

Well, I have now sent copies of the payment confirmation by fax (so 1993!) and now let’s see how long it takes to get back to having toast in the morning and we can start working on that laundry pile …

Does any of our Italian readers know if there is actually a free selection of electricity providers in Italy? I think I saw some ads in that direction. And does that only work for the whole house or can apartment people also switch e-providers?

update: it will now take them until midnight saturday to get us back to full juice. And they charge us with about 60€ extra for their ‘reduce and revamp’ service … which we can dispute once we get the next invoice …

What if that one also goes to the wrong address ???

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