Another 3h+ Saturday lunch out in the country.

I am always excited when Ritsu’s boss Malcolm recommends a lunch gathering. He just knows all those hidden, fantastic places. And again, he delivered. Check out Villa Tiboldi.

Based on some technical trouble (car electronics were down, thus no GPS) we arrived half an hour late and everyone else had already finished a bottle of bubbly.

We quickly ordered and soon our starters arrived. Ritsu and I had opted for the 5 course “Menu della degustazione”. I forgot to snap a picture of the menu. So I am trying from memory:

Everyone got a small scoop of home made Russian salad as pre-appetizer. While yummy, somehow I did not expect that in Piemonte.
Anchovies in 2 different ways, one marinated in fresh lemon juice, the other oven grilled. Delicious, though the marinated fish came across as a bit bitter.
Crispy eggs: Quail eggs baked to perfection in one layer of puff pastry. Evil stuff! Very good. Could not figure out what the green sauce was it came with.
This 3 meat appetizer that Patrizia had looked also very nice (not part of our menu). Did not get around to try. Maybe next time.
Mint ravioli filled with goat cheese in a very sweet nutty sauce with crispy cheese on top. (This one had very little mint or goat flavor, the sweet sauce was too strong. This could have passed as a dessert)
Guinea fowl from the oven for Ritsu, while I had changed to
the lamb “sambucana“, which was tender and lovely.
We all were treated to a little pre-dessert: Some evil milky cream with fresh apricot mousse.
While Ritsu has the something + rhubarb sorbet, my passion fruit souffle had very little passion fruit flavor (I am still wondering if that was a translation error, the Italian menu called it ‘il passione, la souffle’ or something like that).
We had some delicious wines with that. For red we had ordered some local 2006 wine, but received 2 bottles of 1996 instead, which were great. But being summer and hot, I stayed mainly with the white Roero Arneis. Fantastic stuff.

Julius was the only kid at the table and quickly focused (after he finished his pasta) on turning paper, glue and whatever else he found into a marvelous piece of artwork. He chatted away with Patrizia in Italian, she later confirmed that his level of Italian is the same as an Italian kid’s that age, and to our surprise, that he has a slight Piemontese accent.

The location of the villa is outstanding. Up in the wine hills, overlooking vineyards and a beautifully situated pool (reserved for staying guests, not eating guests). Great outdoor seating, great service. We enjoyed it so much that we are have already planning on coming back to stay booked a night, we will then enjoy the pool and eat some more!

A few more pics might be added later

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  1. Annie says:

    …as usual I envy you, this all sounds fantastic, and I’m always keen on your stories abot new locatins :) Just wanted to say that the structure of this report is so professional, you should think of a second career as a “food and restaurant advisor”

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