Sagrada Familia / Casa Batlló / Tapas / Casa Milà

Since it was Sunday, traffic looked light and we had no clue yet about the public transport system, we dared to do Barcelona sight-seeing by car. And it worked out surprisingly well.

First stopped was the Sagrada Família, Antoni Gaudí’s last work and probably Barcelona’s most popular building.

The line at the ticket counter was just crazy, so we just walked around it, found a playground to let Julius run around a bit and then we moved on to the Casa Batlló, a fantastic house designed by Gaudi and now it is a museum and the lines were not that long. 16.50€ per adult got us in, including audio guide, and it was a very interesting journey into a world partially inspired by Jules Verne.

Julius went along very well, but for the first time ever, he managed to smash something at the museum’s store. Does not matter that I remind him 2000 times not to touch anything … it is just mean of the store to put interesting things like snow globes in kids’ height. The store people were very cool about it and more worried if he got cut (which he got, in his meager attempt to hide the fact. He got cleaned up and a band aid)

It was time for food, so we looked around and found probably the very mcdonald-ish ‘TapaTapa‘ place, which serves a wide smorgasbord of … you guessed it … TAPAS. For beginners and tourists who do not read Catalan fluently, very nice and easy picture menu with translation book on the side. Very friendly waiter who spoke English and Hefe Weizen draft beer! We were very happy and food was overall very good. But as many find out, tapas looks cheap at first, but you easily end up paying 55€ for 3 people for ‘just lunch’.

To walk off all the food we headed north to see another Gaudi building, the Casa Milà (also known as ‘La Pedrera’). While Batllo looks more like a fairy-tale castle married to a steampunk submarine, Mila looks more like a rokky cliff in the middle of the city. This time the line was again super long and overall we were Gaudied out for the day.

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