Stuibenfall Hike

Initially we had 2 hikes planned for today, first this big waterfall and then a valley in Niederthai. But it turns out the they use some tricky ‘mis-advertizing’ for this fall hike.

The brochure says ‘you can do the roundtrip hike in 1 hour’ … what they don’t say is that this means ‘to the first viewing platform at the bottom of the waterfall’ …
once you see how great it looks and where the other viewing platforms are, you just have to keep going …

You park the car at 1000m elevation and the top of the fall is at 1500m … so .. half a kilometer up … that was quite some kraxeling (climbing), but Julius had a lot of fun.

We actually found a patch of fresh chanterelle mushrooms (off the path, looked dangerous to get to, and we still had a bunch in the fridge … so we just left them there).

At the top of the waterfall is a scary suspension bridge and the final viewing platform that looks like a bungee station … and you could see very well how some crazy people used the ‘klettersteig’ to get up to the top secured by harness and rope and crossing the river twice by rope bridges.

We found the restaurant at the top a bit lacking and decided to go back down (it took us 2:15 h to get up, but only 1 h to get down … gravity … yeah ) and have lunch at the Wald Cafe, which also had a nice playground, very decent pricing and according to Ritsu, the best yoghurt she ever had.

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