Bye, bye, Ötztal

One nice last ‘sunset’ view from our balcony. Tomorrow we are heading back, straight through the mountains.

Too bad, no other pictures of today, since we were pre-occupied by packing and playing ‘raiders of the lost iPhone’. As Ritsu disovered her phone missing this morning and calling it went sthraight to voicemail. Not a good sign.

So after calling the lost and found office, several information offices, the police, the cable car company we used 2 days ago, the restaurant we ate, we set of re-tracing our steps (first Obergurgl, then Hochsölden) to the point that I even got a free ride on yesterday’s chairlift, so I could scan the ground from 10m above if I see anything like a phone. But there was nothing (well, I saw a shoe, a pacifier and several water bottles)

There is still some hope that an honest soul had found it and just did not have had the time turning it in …

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