Magorabin: Round #2

Not since my birthday have we been to this wonderful restaurant. But now, while showing Utako our favourite dining spots, we returned (a lot of ‘returning’ going on these days … )

To my surprise they remembered us and even said ‘you are at the same table as last time, or would you like to change?’

The girls both ordered the traditional menu, which is more meat based, while I ordered a la carte: my favourite dish from last time (layers of beeftongue and raw shrimp under tangerine jelly) and later had duck and (i think goose) liver.

I saved space for my beloved Gin & Tonic …

Compared to last time, we paid much less (128€ for 3 people) … and got freebies left and right. E.g. this time we declined having a pre-dinner cocktail, so we received a little half glass of bubbly with vermouth anyways. The pre-appetizer was some tuna on an onion flan. The bread selection was as usual hillarious. I got an extra pre appetizer, some poultry wrapped around cabbage with castelmagno cheese sauce. There was a pre-dessert … and the killer tray of little pastries …

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