Seafood Dinner @ Andri

Within walking distance of our lovely B&B is the very wonderful Venetian seafood restaurant “Andri”. According to several online reviews, it seems it is hard to get a spot there during season, but when I called just 1 hour before dinner, no problem.

Julius immediately found a 4 year old girl to play with (Rebecca) and we started having great food. I had cicale as an appetizer, I still need to find an English translation for that, in German they are called (according to the menu) ‘Heuschreckenkrebs’ .. [thanks to Franziska, I now know they are Mantis Shrimp!] they look like mini-lobsters without the scissor hands. Utako had the mixed appetizer plate while Ritsu had the sardine in saor, we kept seeing this ‘saor’ a lot on menus, but here we finally got a good explanation what that meant (basically pickled in onion / vinegar sweet & sour)

Overall food was really great, the dessert offerings seemed to have come from somewhere else.

As with our lunch place earlier today, this restaurant too was full of locals, us being the only tourists … highly recommended.

Ristorante Andri
Via Lepanto 21

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  1. Franziska says:

    I think they are Mantis shrimps. In Japan you can find them as Shako Sushi.

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