The Blog must go on

It is tricky to continue with the blog after such a big event. Many things happened, I have a bunch of pictures, there are stories to share … and somehow I just have to get back into the blog-driver’s seat and keep writing.

I have been been home for a bit over a week now and things are fairly good so far: I am taking a lot of happy pills, you get dizzy just by reading about their side effects on wikipedia (Fenobarbitale, Rivotril), then there are standard painkillers and a syringe I have to stab my tummy with once a day. I showed that once to Julius, so that he would not be afraid of syringes, and he was fascinated.

I keep being amazed and grateful at what a great job Ritsu has done from the moment of the incident (getting me into a hospital right away), then taking care of me, spending many days at the 40 km away hospital with me, while taking care of Julius all by herself. Calling in all kinds of favors so that Julius could stay after school with friends, going with me to the MRI (too bad she could not be in the actual room, nobody told me it would take 25 mins, it felt like 3 hours. On House MD it always looks so short and simple) and all these kinds of things. And a lot of this in Italian.

To put this into perspective … since his birth, I have always been around. That’s 1992 days (5 years, 5 months and 13 days) Monday January 18th 2010 was the first full day without papa for him. And all of a sudden Ritsu had to take over, while keeping focus on her high demand job, PLUS taking care of an injured husband.

It still has not gotten much easier for her, as I am still on bed rest (which includes my reclined office chair) and I cannot bring J to school or pick him up and I am not allowed to drive for a while, which also leaves the groceries to Ritsu. Basically I am useless … ok, I am doing a lot of phone calls to get our small car fixed. (Since Ritsu is rekindling her interest in driving, which I think is great)

The other big help we received was from my dad, who came down for a week, and he was great at bringing J to school and pick him up, doing driving duties (so we could stock up on heavy things like water) and last Saturday he and Chris (the father of Daniela, Julius’ latest flame in his class) were able to get our broken, small car from the mountains to Turin, since ACI (the Italian AAA) had no helpful options on that which would not include paying a lot of money. And it was great that Julius had a chance to hang out with his Opa again.

Over the next few days I will catch up with some long overdue posts (keep and eye out for ‘hospital food porn‘), so it might be a good idea to scroll down from time to time.

Too bad I don’t have a good photo of Ritsu while she was visiting … I do have one … but she would kill me if I posted it :)

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5 Responses to The Blog must go on

  1. Franziska says:

    Soooo glad you’re ok and you’re out of hospital! Gute und schnelle Besserung wuensche ich!

  2. Peter M says:

    Hallo, Peter,
    schön, dass es Dir etwas besser geht! Ich wünsche Dir weiterhin gute Genesung!

  3. Hennk says:

    Hey Peter,

    gut zu hoeren, dass es Dir langsam besser geht! Auch aus Valencia alles Gute.


  4. Tammy says:

    Great to hear from you, Peter….even from way over here I was a bit worried……of course, we don’t have answers yet….you haven’t given us any….but then we don’t need any…..we just need to know that you are getting better, have good care and that your family is doing well. My hope is that you will be able to drive and that the doctors won’t “take” your driver’s license. My son had a similar episode while in college and the first thing the doctor did, practically before he attended to my son, was write a letter to DMV. It took a lawyer, some phones and $$$$ to get his license back….that was a pain! But please, my favorite foodie….blog about hospital food….I can hardly wait!!!! My best to you, all of you.

  5. Vikash says:

    Bula from Fiji… Hey man, hope you are recovering well. Sorry to hear about your accident. Tk and enjoy the moment. cheers

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