Carnival (updated)

Today was Carnival at Julius’ school, which, according to the info sent out to the parents boiled down to a mini ‘parade’ and then some snacks and games (and then changing back into school uniform)

Honestly, nothing I felt like spending 40€ on a costume for which he could then wear once (and maybe again for Halloween) or he might end up not liking (a few years ago I got him a cute Dalmatian costume and he did not appreciate it).

So, instead, I got him this very colorful mask and we used one of Ritsu’s kinda color matching t-shirts (100 points to the first reader who finds the blog post that describes where that t-shirt came from) and he was an instant carnival clown.

(as usual, click for bigger, but this time there is even more)

I found it very interesting to see how other parents dealt with the issue … of course I saw tons of girls in princess dresses … I actually only saw one cowboy. There are 2 supermen alone on that picture collage above and while shopping I saw that superheroes and carton characters (and I am not talking Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck, we are talking Transformers, Power Rangers, Dragon Ball-Z or Ben 10) were the most available …

I really enjoyed the more creative, home made ones … i.e. Sophie as Pipi Langstrumpf was hilarious. Her brother Tom came as a baker / chef … subtle but very effective …

On my way out I saw a mother bringing in her 2 kids … she must be an artist on the sowing machine … she had created 2 outlandishly creative costumes from textile and foam rubber … too bad I did not take a picture. If there was a contest, she should have won. Can’t even say what these costumes were supposed to be … they looked like some weird underwater creatures with wings and Wall-E eyes …

Now, let’s see what we do for Halloween.

(Since I was not able to attend the actual parade, I hope to still get some more pictures from other parents, maybe there was even a group photo op)

(Photo thanks to Daniela’s dad)

[update] I received some more photos, thanks to the advanced technology of having them printed on glossy paper (from digital file), nicely stuck in an envelope (and my 8 year old scanner seems to have lost his life, like many of my tech gear, back in Fiji), so, excuse the quality, but I am very grateful for the pictures:

Picture pic1.jpgPicture pic2.jpgPicture pic3.jpg

Always nice to have some photo material that look 70ies style … I bet they are selling an expensive photoshop plug-in just to achieve that effect.

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  1. hermann says:

    Let’s see if I can win those 100 “points”. I think I found the blog post that describes where the t-shirt came from:

    Please transfer the points to one of my accounts of your choice :)

  2. Peter says:

    longtime reader hermann is leading with 100 points!

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