Yes, cats can open doors (video)

I had been aware for a while now that the kittens find their way out of closed rooms.

Unfortunately, our apartment came with no keys to any of the doors (other than entrance and one of the 2 bathrooms)

But it sure took me a while to see how they (and by ‘they’ I mean Whisky, the male cat, who has about double the body weight compared to Sheesha) does it AND get it on camera … enjoy!

Sure enough, a quick search on youtube shows many more videos like this …. but there is even one where a cat is actually able to open a twist door knob!

I would not mind the cats roaming around freely at all … but they get very active around 5 AM … and that is a time I still like to sleep.

So for now I am blocking the door with a chair and a few books, so that the handle cannot be turned.

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3 Responses to Yes, cats can open doors (video)

  1. Paps says:

    Hallo Peter spiel der Katze einen Streich, drehe die Klinke um 90° nach oben, das geht.

  2. Peter says:

    Das war einer meiner ersten Gedanken lieber Vater, aber dann dachte ich mir wie herrlich so ein kleiner katzenhals da rein passt … da ist dann doch eher die Gefahr dass die katze da erstickt.

    Sobald ich wieder etwas fitter bin werde ich einige der Klinken gegen Knaeufe austauschen …

  3. Greetings from Cyprus,
    Great blog with fun article and some super photographs,

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