Julius & Yuika part 2

Remember that cute Japanese girl from back in August?

Now actually Julius has 2 Japanese girls to chose from, Momoe, who is in his class and Yuika, who is one class below, but if I get it right, they all meet at Japanese school on Saturday.

So yesterday he was a guest there again which gives me extra time before I have to go and pick him up (my back still hurts like hell and I think it is great for the kids to play together …. Julius teaches Yuika English and he might catch some Japanese from her)

Yuika has a jungle gym set up right in front on the TV and there is constantly some ‘Disney for English beginners’ DVD going on.

I have rather strict rules about either playing or watching, but when at a friend’s house, do as the Romans do … and they seemed to have so much fun … and I am just very grateful about having the chance that Julius has some extra playtime after school.

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