Weekend out in the country with Yuika Part 1

This weekend we introduced Yuika’s family to Cascina Vrona and the kids had a lot of fun looking at the animals (although the path to the stables was super muddy, it had rained all week before, but now it was sunny)

Dinner was again a feast, many things we had before, but some of the new things were broiled sausage with cheese sauce, roasted chicken as the main dish (I kept feeling that I had seen that chicken alive just a few hours ago) and the quadruple dessert platter had some very yummy Zabaione on it (freshly made, for which I complimented Piera many times).

While Julius was very happy to have Yuika around, he was quickly way more interested in some other, older kids at a neighbor table … and it always baffles me how quickly he switches to Italian, especially when he talks to kids.

Going there is fun, we know each other by name now and it feels like a second home and Rino, man if the house, always comes around for a friendly chit chat and was of course very interested in my recent mishap

Oh .. good time to mention that Ritsu did all the driving again, including highway!

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