The value of a stay-at-home-dad

Since my February medical update, I have indeed pursued if I would get any support from our insurance with household help, because technically I cannot do my job right now and Ritsu, besides being between 2 major workshops, has to do a lot of the stuff that usually I should be doing. Which of course creates extra stress on all levels.

Good news is: Our insurance has a clause for cases like that, it is something that needs to be pre-approved and after harassing my bone doctor to email me some kind of report which I then passed on to the insurance, I finally got the approval today (took them only a week). Yeah!

The rather depressing news is: They think my job is only worth 30CHF, which is 20€, of which they only reimburse 80% … for that load of money (technically 16€) I can hardly get anyone to even bother come by. I could possibly get some help for 2.5h a day, but that is the kind of help that does not write invoices. For the ‘official’ kind of help, I might get 1h per day …

And imagine what that is doing to my emotional low as it is already right now …. Now I am officially valued at 20€ a day … fantastic …

(now, next task, finding someone who is willing to come for 1 h a day and write an invoice AND do a good job in that short time, without stealing your stuff behind your back)

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