Off to the market

Today there was a fun school project. During their studies of ‘we all come from different cultures’ they did a bit on Italy and combined that with a visit to the market.

We split up in 7 groups and each group had 1 thing to buy to later make sandwiches.

7 groups made it really hard to get good video of the actual market action, plus Julius as assigned to me.

Once done we all met at the Cafe Citta and the kids got juice and brioches …

nothing more lovely than 5 year olds on a sugar high just 20 minutes before their lunch time.

So, the actual ‘making of the sandwich’ was postponed to the afternoon and it was turned into a father’s day gift (as it was father’s day in Italy, thanks everyone for the flowers) … but as it happened, Julius got hungry on his way from school (Chidi was picking him up) .. and he ate the sandwich that was meant for me! .

(yes, the video is password protected, I am just really curious how many vistors even scroll down that far, try to click on it and how many will try to contact me)

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