Stuck in Pokhara

Finally, a life sign!

As assumed before, we had no internet access the last 5 day, and worse, partially no access to electricity, water and even worse, COLD beer.

But it got a notch better today, as we were to fly out of Pokhara back to Kathmandu and were informed that our flight was not cancelled, but not operating (someone please tell me the difference)

So, we moved to Pokhara lakeside, way more touristy but really very cool, much cheaper, nice lake view (and this is where I finally found a Internet Cafe that was working). Again, not on my own computer, so sorry, no pictures yet.

Short rundown of our last few days:

– 2 nights at the Royal Chitwan National Park, where we did stuff from 5:30 AM until we dropped like flies around 9 PM. Stuff included: washng a ‘baby’ elephant, boat safari, jeep safari, nature walk, riding on elephants, getting chased by a wild elephant, seeing lots of animals (prancing and flying peacocks, deer, boars, rhinos and finally the TIGER)

– 1 night in Bandipur, a quaint little mointain village, which is slowly turning into a great toursist destination (they did a lot of clean up work in the last 2 years) .. Unfortunatelly, when we arrived, we heard that the whole place had been without power, which also means the water pumps were not working and there was no cold fridge in town. But still an amazing stay.

– 2 nights at the Tiger mountain lodge. This was more relaxation time. A pool, great food. Too bad that the mountain view was hidden behind a haze. This is the main attraction of this place.

So, now we have a surprise extra night here in Pokhara, we just had some great dinner at a ridicoulous cheap price, and it appears that Buddha Air will not be able to put us in the air anytime soon, so we arranged for a driver tomorrow to get us back to Kathmandu.

I wonder when I will get around to fill in the gaps and share the pictures … maybe I should write a book about it 😀

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