Yeah! Free Wi-Fi! Greetings again from Abu Dhabi

Was a loooong day today … (and still is) .. right now it is 1:30 AM in Abu Dhabi … and after 3AM in Katmandu … and I feel just like that.

Since our flight was scheduled for the evening, we still packed the day full of interesting things to see:

Patan, another place with lots of temples, we got seriously templed out there …

Pashupatinath, an important Hindu temple, where they cremate actual bodies in fascinating rituals.

Then it was time to go to the airport and we said our goodbyes to Maharjan. During check-in I brought up the topic of my delayed luggage and initially the lady said ‘this has to be brought to our attention within 7 days’ … i told her that I tried to call several times and no one was answering the phone … then she said she’d speak with her manager … and long story short, after I said ‘just upgrade us to business class’ … he first weaseled around about having a kid in B-class … I told him that J had been traveling in B-class when he was barely 1 years old … and the guy asked him ‘how old are you’ .. and Julius responded promptly and correctly … so, we got that leg Kathmandu – Abu Dhabi in business class, which was really nice.

But then problems started to occur … first Julius’ chair would not recline (though he was already fast asleep) .. and after Ritsu switched with him, she said her inflight entertainment was not working …. so, she took a different row seat and shortly afterwards Julius woke up, was ok that his chair was not moving, and the AV system worked fine …

Food was good, service great, but other than a big ‘sorry’ and attempts to manually do something to that chair (which failed), no other compensation … Ritsu and Julius got to sleep a bit … me not at all … so … next leg is to Milan (in economy), let’s see if I get some sleep there …

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