And … we are back! (in Italy)

We somehow survived the 2.5 h stay in Abu Dhabi (different Terminal this time) in the middle of the night and our flight was only delayed by half an hour.

The change from business class to economy was kinda painful, especially with my long legs, but I think I fell asleep as soon as I had buckled up and woke up just in time to get a very strange ‘chicken sandwich’ …

Towards the end of the flight, there was a nicer breakfast and Julius, with help, ate his whole omelette.

Upon arrival in Milan we were happy to see that ALL our bags had arrived. After a quick switch to speaking Italian again, I got us the bus tickets to Torino and we hopped on the 8:30 Sadem bus from Malpensa and around 11:20, after a taxi ride, we were finally back home, where the cats where taking their sweet time to get used to us again.

Over the next days I will go through the missing Nepal updates and add pictures … I promise :)

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