Pretty much all Nepal photos

I am still tackling the challenge of how to best put the Nepal experience in publishing shape and form. Even though we were offline most of the time, as long as I had power, I wrote down the day’s experience and we took bazillions of pictures … the animal pics did not turn out too well .. tiger butt, rhino butt, deer butt … do peacocks have butts?

And I know that Ritsu still has some pics on her camera which I have not downloaded yet …

Eventually I might republish the whole thing sorted by days and what went on … for now .. here is a 288 picture load for you guys to enjoy and make sense of.

Please let me know in the comments if you have trouble seeing that gallery. I know the IE asks for updates, firefox should work fine … Pics are not in strict chronological order as Ritsu’s cam was still on Italy time during the whole trip.

May I recommend to first download THIS music file (yes, it is repetitive and rather Tibetan than Nepali, but very catchy) and play it in your preferred mp3 player and then select the slideshow option for that gallery.

Also, by now, i have added all stories / posts / text info about the trip, you just need to scroll down, then maybe the pics make more sense …

And here is a map I had created before the trip to get a better idea where we are going .. the distances sound like peanuts, but the road conditions weren’t that great.

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2 Responses to Pretty much all Nepal photos

  1. Franziska says:

    I had no problems seeing the gallery. Love the pictures of the cold beer 😉 and that spider is HUGE! You all look like you had a great time. And Julius in his inflight-bed looks very comfortable!

  2. Peter says:

    thanks for the feedback Franziska, that spider was actually the smaller one we had … the other was the size of my hand (and I have big hands), but the picture I took had no reference, so no way of telling how big that monster was ….

    I am going to slowly upload all the text stuff and then I see how I can link it to the pictures.

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