Tiger Tops Mountain Lodge Pokhara

Julius was up at 6:30, so, again fairly early begin of the day.

Very nice breakfast and then a 2 hour ‘village walk’ through the community on the same hill as the lodge. Some houses here and there, some people looking curiously at us, nice views (still no mountain view) and many goats and cows. Unfortunately also a lot of plastic trash all over, as if the local people do not care (or don’t know better)

J had a sulk attack along the way after I called him a ‘tough cookie’ (meant as a compliment), but the last and hardest part of the walk (all the way back up) he was surprisingly energetic.

Our guide obviously knew the maze of paths on that hill, but he hardly ever pointed anything out or told us anything, unless I asked. But still … A good 2 h walk, actually, with all the up and down, reminded me more of our Austrian hikes.

The rest of the day was being lazy, reading, Julius playing with Jasper (often too loud, but sometimes really nice roll playing), then again lunch, pork curry this time, and paw paw chutney (yesterday was tomato chutney). More playing, reading, then pool, then shower … Still no mountains to see, actually worse visibility than yesterday. But still enjoying the sunset at 6, pre-dinner food and then dinner. This evening we had opted for the Nepali thali dinner, which is quite similar to the lunch set, but much nicer in display and also spicier. The continental was some chicken dish which Julius ate.

This time Julius fell totally asleep over dinner and moved to a lounge chair, where he put a napkin over his head and out he was … This time there was no chance waking him up, I had to ask for help getting him to our room, and it was very cute to see how Julius was hugging a complete stranger carrying him (probably thinking it was papa)

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