Swayabunath, Thamel, Tibetan lunch …

Somehow Julius is stuck in Safari mode and keeps waking up at 5:30 … Which was ok with me since I knew the power would go off at 7 AM and thus I had some time on the PC, while keeping J busy so Ritsu could sleep a bit longer.

After self made breakfast, we waited for Maharjan to show up, which he did at 10 AM … Our first item was Thamel. More hustle, more streetdealers to ignore, but also lots of nice stores (and restaurants). We tried the Tibetan hot pot at Utse, and it was really nice. Afterwards more shopping. It is a fun experience. Rule of thumb .. ALWAYS barter … What I hate is when I ask for the price and they say ‘how much you wanna pay’ … Argh … But I think we are quite happy with the outcome.

I was very happy to find some pants that were made of the exact same fabric as the shirt I was wearing … And it was less than 1/3rd of what I had paid for the shirt .. And it was XXXL … My size :) .. That was a sign .. I just had to have that one …

Next we wanted to go to the royal square, but it was closed for Bisket Jatra, the Nepalese new year, so instead we drove to an ‘upmarket’ shopping thingie, where we first had some refreshments (a fresh ginger lime soda … Nice) and then Ritsu was in heaven in one particular shop and ended up buying 2 new tops.

Back home … Rest, trying to convince J, who had been up and running since 5:30, to take a nap … Finally at 18:15 we left for dinner .. La Soon. Lonely Planet pick .. Supposed to be nice fusion food … But .. Well .. Maybe because it was a holiday or so … They were missing a few items that were listed on the menu . But what came in the end was quite tasty … Of course Julius, who was super hyper at the beginning, started to fade away quickly and I had to bribe him through eating his pasta by offering single french fries as reward … In the end he just did his turtle pose and fell asleep on the chair.

What really ticked me off in the end, they are supposed to be an expat hot spot, they have signs saying they take credit cards (we found on this trip that we constantly ran out of cash), I asked the before if they take credit cards … and they said yes. So, in the end I showed them 4 different credit cards and the answer was always ‘we cannot do this one’ .. so .. all the rupees I had added up to 90% of the bill, so I told them the have to give us that discount, since they are not able to deal with our credit cards.

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