Getting templed-out in Patan

Patan used to be its own city, but has become part of Kathmandu over time. They have their own Durbar (royal) square and LOTS of temples.

We tried to stick with the Lonely Planet’s walking tour, but I did not get my bearings until we found the Golden Temple (an extra 50 NRP entrance fee)

Patan can be somehow compared to Bhaktapur, though it is a bit more of a mess (maybe that also reflects of admission, tickets to walk around Patan are 200 NRP, Bhaktapur was 750 NRP)

Eventually we hit half of the temples on the walking tour, we saw many other tourists with open Lonely Planet guides in their hands. There was some more shopping (less fun than Thamel) and for lunch we went to ‘Cafe de Patan’ which has some interesting rooftop seating … if you are sun proof, you can opt for one table all the way up. You can catch a glimpse of the Durbar Square from there, but the rest of the view is not that great. Food was great, Ritsu had chicken curry, Julius egg fired noodles and I had selected some ginger buff from the snack menu, which was enough for lunch and was spicy and gingery …

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