Last minute sight seeing: Pashupatinath

Pashupatinath, a very important Hindu temple, and conveniently located very close to the airport, was our last destination in Nepal.

It is a very impressive sight … you find many colorful Sadhu who are more than willing to pose for pictures (of course for money) … and you see lots of .. well .. dead people burning.

We had our reservations about how to explain to Julius what is going on … but thank you, George Lucas, Julius was fascinated by the whole ritual and then said ‘this is what Luke Skywalker did with Darth Vader at the end of ‘Return of the Jedi’, after he found out he is his daddy’ (He did not say it that clearly, but he was in no way shocked by the experience)

For Ritsu and me it was the first time to see it and we got to see the whole ritual. Interestingly enough, the mourning party was leaving before they had the corpse on fire .. well .. we are not Hindu (thus we were also not allowed to visit the main temple complex) but we were very glad, after a bazillion of buddhist temples, to see a Hindu place of worship. Time to start to talk with Julius about religion and the many different ways people think about the afterlife.

After that our trusty driver Maharjan took us to the airport and we checked in, as mentioned in another post, I used my lost luggage as leverage to get us upgraded to business class, which was very nice.

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