Döner & a movie

After a pretty successful first sleepover (no nightmares, no potty emergencies, no middle of the night phone calls), Julius and I went with Daniela’s family to go to Linghotto to watch ‘How to train your dragon’ (or as they call it here, Dragontrainer) and it was a lot of fun.

J had seen the movie before and I was actually very much looking forward to see it in 3D. I like this movie a lot, and since Pixar is coming back with a sequel this year, I wonder if Dreamworks finally has a chance to get that animation Oscar.

Afterwards we wanted to have some pizza at Eataly, but there was no seating available, so we tried the Turkish döner place I had discovered earlier, and it was pretty descent (I think by now no quick and cheap döner place is wasting money on a sauce based on yoghurt, it now is some mayo based something. I also miss typical Turkish spices in today’s döners … just bland meaty now … whatever happened to cumin?)

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