Superga field trip

Today I had the pleasure (again) to accompany Julius’ class on a field trip. This time it was all about ‘different modes of transportation’, so we hopped on a bus, looked at cars, trucks, busses and motorcycles on the way until we reached Sassi, the station for the funicular up to the Superga. Julius had been there first time pretty much exactly 4 years ago.

While waiting there we pointed out planes and a helicopter, had snack and played some games.

The kids enjoyed the ride on the funicular, especially the tunnel parts. Once we arrived, we quickly found a very nice picnic area and the youngsters spent an hour running up the hill and tumbling down again, before they settled down for lunch.

To round up the trip they strolled around the complex and then we boarded the bus back to school.

The video is password protected, but you can always ask me. Enjoy the pictures:

Picture sp1.jpgPicture sp2.jpgPicture sp3.jpgPicture sp4.jpgPicture sp5.jpgPicture sp6.jpg

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  1. Tammy says:

    Hi Peter…..I’ll have to ask for the password it seems! Still following your blog. Hope your health is better and you are closer to getting your driver’s license back soon!

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