And now he can swim

well .. he can cross a 6m pool without any floatation devices (and gladly without drowning) … the style cannot be called ‘swimming’ yet, but he obviously has a lot of fun

(I did not notice until I checked the footage later that he actually smiles into the camera under water)

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2 Responses to And now he can swim

  1. Great video, Peter! What camera and editing tools are you using? Julius looks like he’s having a great time. And was that a “To infinity and beyond!” I hear as he falls into the pool near the end?

  2. Peter says:

    The camera is a Pentax Optio W80, and I recently started playing around with the new version of iMovie (which before I hated) .. i am still not in love with it … but it works 😀 SOrry again that your (and everyone’s) comments ended up in the ‘pending’ box … ever since I upgraded my version of WP, my spaminator is all wonky …

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