Birthday dinner @ Magorabin

Yes, we have been there before .. i.e. my last birthday .. or Valentines day … and again it was a pleasure!

Still no birthday cake, but the food was great as usual:

Mixed breads to start with (this time we were informed that the pepper in the pink pepper butter comes from Hawaii and Jamaica), 2 freebie appetizers (a tiny mouse of squid followed by a seafood soup with mini octopi on top), then Ritsu and I had the beloved mix of beef tongue and raw shrimp. Newly aranged in mandarin puree (instead of jelly).

Even Julius’ simple pasta bianca looked fancy.

Then Ritsu had button shaped ravioli filled with lobster meat and I had some deep fried lamb cutlets.

I had thought about ordering the meat, which is ‘only’ 5€ per 100gr. but was informed that the meat pieces are rather large (1kg) and it is usually a dish to be shared. Maybe next time.

For dessert Ritsu had something fig flavoured while I was happy with a freebie tiramisu dessert and my Gin & Tonic.

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